What Disney doesn’t tell you.

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Once in a while, someone will come into your life unexpectedly, light up your world, awaken your soul, steal your heart by surprise and change your life forever…

This isn’t that story.

This the self-taught, the-instructions-are-in-another-language, hoping the jigsaw piece fits, kind of story.

Love isn’t as linear as Disney makes it out to be. It’s a raw roller-coaster that pushes the human emotional bandwidth to its absolute limit…and even then it still may not even be guaranteed.

However, what we can do is learn to be acquainted with love by enacting it out on ourselves.

Here’s my Orpheus-embarking-into-the-Underworld tale…

Debunking the confusion and myths behind weight-loss.

‘The Before and After’, Photo by Author

I don’t think I’m really saying anything controversial when I say that the fitness industry is making a killing on the average person’s inability to be consistent with their diets and programs.

From meal replacement shakes, to detox fads and ‘abs in 5 minutes’ magazines, the fitness landscape appears to profit a lot from confusing the masses (making $100 billion globally), in how to best go about one’s fitness journey and finally achieve the body that continuously eludes them.

I’m here to let you know, that I too know what it’s like to be on that hamster wheel. I too…

‘‘That which is to give light must endure burning’’- Viktor Frankl

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From dealing with disappointed family members over your poor life choices to pursuing something that secretly stirs you that you’ve been putting off because it goes against the very person you’ve been portraying all of these years, being ourselves is a war.

Sometimes we too are to blame for allowing these outside influences to remain dominant fixtures in our lives, but alas, until it is confronted, the deeper the mask seeps into our face, and we forget who we truly were in the first place.

Who Are We Really?

To thine own self be true

- Hamlet, William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

The idea of self

It’s easier to tolerate life when you're not afraid of the uncomfortable.

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I recently documented my experiences with taking ice baths in a previous article, but I feel like I left a lot on the table on the transferrable lessons it taught me that can equally be applied to life.

Whether it’s in the metaphorical or literal sense, cold exposure can teach us more about ourselves, our inner-strength, and rewrite the script of our minds of what we can endure and how far we can go.

I first tried the ice bath in 2014 and back then I could barely bring myself to sit in it, much less lie down in it!

It’s sweeter when it’s homemade.

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It’s no surprise to know that there are times in life when we simply don’t want to answer our calling that day, to do the things we need to do in order to move one step closer to our goal only to end up not doing it.

It’s not because we don’t want it, it’s because we’re equally trying to unlearn years of bad habits we’ve forged, and replace them with ones that better fit the identity we want to create.

It’s easy to motivate ourselves in times when we’re feeling good when everything goes our way. However, the real…

Even if you were thirsty, you wouldn’t drink poison!

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Toxic people. They’re there, they’re everywhere, or seemingly so with social media showcasing it more than what we typically used to. Whether it’s the people we date, friendships, or being around certain family members, toxicity is a real thing and one that plagues us from not only accessing our authentic self as well as who we could potentially be.

They manipulate us, gaslight us, use fear-mongering tactics to do their bidding, they douse us with shame labels forever wanting to do something for ourselves, even if it is for a onetime deal. They pitch it as them knowing what is…

I could actually have my cake AND eat it!

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It’s hard to believe there used to be a time when I used to eat so clean that a starburst or a skittle couldn’t even sway me because it wasn’t on my diet plan, then I would not even entertain it.

Fast forward a few years later, and I came to realize that the more I was restricting myself of the foods I loved and craved, the more inevitable it became of me crashing and caving in, which for me meant one big balls to the wall hardcore binge.

I’ve always struggled with balance. …

Monday is the ultimate mirror to our lives

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Outside of a personal tragedy, I struggle to think of a worse feeling than hearing that piercing Monday morning alarm pulling me back into a reality that just a few days ago seemed a million miles away.

I got what we wanted. I got the break that I worked all week towards, but now it’s time to pay the piper.

Like many of us, I am guilty of branding certain days with labels, writing them off from ever being anything more. From Monday blues, Hump Day (Wednesday), and Thank God it’s Friday!, …

Not your typical flab to abs story

Losing 40lbs was not an easy thing to accomplish. There, I said it. No cookie-cutter b.s. Just the straight truth from the get-go.

In my previous post, The Backwards Law of Addiction, I detailed how my addictions with food have kept me from being at my optimal best, which, when accumulated, has significantly derailed me from meeting my potential.

Food has had the most significant hold on me, and to an extent, it still does.

When I struggled in life, it played the greatest coping mechanism for when I wanted to escape but proved more costly.

Until I reached my…

Disney lied to us.

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When we think about it, happily ever after is a loaded concept. We all want happiness. We all want to be in a happy and sustainable relationship that lasts a lifetime, but ever after, misconstrues the reality of what love looks like.

The journey of love is nowhere near as linear or straightforward as Disney may have you believe (yes, shocking revelation). …

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